CAD - Drawing

We do process design based on some sketch from our customers' e-mail or miler. Actually, we receive some works form the customer and can draw the sketch with our CAD.

Laser Processing

Processing for all materials such as steel panel, plywood, acryl and so on is available by our own know how. We make dies with notice of various elements such as material of plywood, current temperature and humidity, water content in wood. This step is exactly a process our technicians do best performance.


Final finishing process is performed by our technicians. Being especially good at fine finishing which machine processing is difficult, we can realize our customers' request that they want to make only one superior goods.

Example for Materials of Cutting Available

PT film for Carving Die and Precision Thomson / Metal foil like Cupper, Aluminum, etc. / Cushion for Poron / Strong ・weak adhesive tape / Conductive cloth / Reflection sheet / Polarization film / Diffusion panel / PP (Polypropylene) / PC (Polycarbonate) / Fluoric and Silicon rubber sheet / Aramid Textile / Carbon Textile

*At request of processing for other material, please inquire us at first.

Precision Die

Our precision dies have been applied in various fields such as medicine, aircraft, ship and communication devies. The dimension tolerance of die brade is below 50μ and the minimum radius at the cutter is 0.2mm. Moreover, according to customer's requirement, it's possible to attach the dimension data of die head measured by vision measurement.

Precision Die

Thompson Precision Die

  • Press-cutting for IT related parts
  • Variation of die : Thickness 0.45 to 1.4mm / Height 23.6 to 23.1mm
  • Standard angle of die head : 40° to 43° ( We have also center bevel, side and fluoro bevel with 30, 60 and 90°)
  • Mirror die
  • Various die of mirror die with special shape
  • Possible to fine-cut as 20~30μ Die for Ultra precision Wire-Cut
  • Die processed by wire-cut on metal base plate
  • Can maintain excellent strength of base and precision
Thompson Precision Die

Die for Ultra precision Wire-Cut

  • Die processed by wire-cut on metal base plate
  • Can maintain excellent strength of base and precision
Die for Ultra precision Wire-Cut minimum processing size

Here is presented regarding a table for minimum processing size at customers order. As our response depends on kinds of punching goods and pitch between both their shapes, please check the processing size in advance.

Die for Optical Film

We can apply for further larger-sized film(150×150cm) than usual. Of course, we can make up dies for less size of the above. Based on much experience and professional skill, we respond to all your requirement.

Large-Sized Die for Optical Film

  • For cutting of optical film with large-sized flat panel, we apply for special bevel.
  • For prevention od die-sagging and die-warp, the die makes useful without magnet of customer's press machine.
  • As it's manufactured by using higher density and strength of plywood than usual, it can be precisely cut by stable size We have two type of plywood-thickness as 18 and 20mm.
Large-Sized Die for Optical Film

Various Dies

We've been made various dies centering of automotive related parts. We respond to all requirement from customers based on technical power trusted by major makers. Having much experience of Sweden steel type, please contact us any time.

Thompson Large-Sized Die with Special Bevel

  • It can be applied by one punch for multi-layer materials such as automotive interior parts, shoes, bags and grocery.
Thompson Large-Sized Die with Special Bevel

Improve for More Precision, Challenge to 100%

Up-date advanced apparatuses support skillful "Professional Technique". For example, we early introduce an apparatus "Untouched 3D Video" authorized as national standard in cutting field and keep on providing customers only perfect products satisfied with quality standard by measurement indication as 0.1μm. We respond to each customer's request with quality and lead time under sufficient production management.