Measurement Apparatus

We have up-date advanced measurement apparatuses to guarantee accuracy for precision dies. We can provide data for product guarantee in good match with customer's requirement and application.

Large-Sized Video Equipment

  • Standard tolerance : 5 ± 5L/1,000μm
Large-Sized Video Equipment

Untouched 3D Video Measurement

This is a national standard apparatus which guarantee accuracy for precision dies

  • Measurement Range : 600(X)×600(Y)×150(Z)mm
  • Measurement Indication : 0.1μm
  • Standard Tolerance : 2.2 + 3L/1,000μm
Untouched 3D Video Measurement

Video Measurement

Video Measurement

CAD System

We introduce three CAD systems for analysis and drawing of the sketch. We respond to 3D data by our private soft for cutting dies. It' possible to send and receive CAD data by e-mail. We respond customer's various data as we have abundant converter such as DXF, IGES, AI (Illustrator) and CATIA Para solid.

Also, we have A1size scanner which can scan with high speed and high particulars.

* CAD data can be sent and received by e-mail. Please click here for more detail application.


Servo Press

Large-Sized Precision Servo Press

  • Effective size for bevel: 1,500×1,500mm
Large-Sized Precision Servo Press

Laser Machine

We can correspond to all materials such as metal panel, acryl panel and plywood board by our original know how. Also, the processing of minimum width 0.45mm can be done.

Small-Sized Precision Laser Machine

  • Maximum processing range : 500 (X)×500 (Y) mm
  • Repetitive accuracy : ± 0.01mm
Small-Sized Precision Laser Machine

Large-Sized High Speed Laser Machine

  • Maximum processing range : 2,500 (X) ×1,500 (Y) mm
  • Repetitive accuracy : ±0.03 mm
Large-Size High Speed Laser Machine

Other Apparatuses

NC Router

It can be processed to complicated shape by using materials such as woods, aluminum and plastics.

NC Rooter

Small-Sized High Precision Machining Center

  • Maximum processing range : 200 × 400mm
  • Accuracy by processing direction : 0.1μm
Small-Sized High Precision Machining Center

Improve for More Precision, Challenge to 1μm

Die-making starts based on customers' design order. We have various technology and know how beyond common sense in cutting field through our much experience. We've been developing new technology in cutting world from precision dies to materials for base plate which Japan's companies have strong.