Shipping to Abroad

We partly respond to shipment for overseas in according to customer's request.


We claim you expenses related with the delivery as follows at your request.
[Freight fare, Transport charge, Insurance fee, Import tax, taxes, Expenses related at import place]

*Expenses related at import place is customer's share.
*FOB (Free on board) is applied.
*Payment is settled by Japanese yen only.


Please specify forwarding company in according to customer's circumstances. We'll try to deliver in shortest time as possible on negotiation with forwarding companies.
*As for the shipment, we guarantee to Japan's domestic airport and after freight, please contact forwarding company if any confirmation.

Schedule during customs clearance for export to clearance at import place

*Please note in advance delivery situation depends on forwarding companies.

China (Nanjing) 4days
China (Shanghai) 4days
Viet Nam (Hanoi) 4days
Viet Nam (Ho Chi Minh City) 4days
4 days Poland (Warsaw) 10days
Mexico (Mexico City) 10days
Brazil (San Paulo) 10days

Flow chart of delivery during customer's inquiry to arrival at customer

Flow chart of delivery


If you have any unclear items, please do not hesitate to contact us any time.

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