Sending & Receiving of CAD Data

We request your CAD data is sent us by mail as follows.

1.Form of Exchanging Data

  • DXF (R12・R14) or 2000 is recommended.
  • IGES ( follow Ver. 4 → Max. number of reading element : 32767 elements)
  • Other EPS・AI (Adobe ・Illustrator Form), etc.

2.Application of Data

  • Data accuracy is requested as double accuracy (16 figures)
  • As it's used for die-making, please send us 2D-data in case of 2D-Die (treatment for 2D).
  • Drawing with size is separately faxed to us we recommend. (for our check of size in data) In case of scale 1/1, the shape (Die-Line) only is OK. (Size-Line is not necessary as it is used in NC Data)
  • Two-overlap-line is requested as one line (Single line-treatment, Preventions for twice laser treatment after change of NC Data )
  • End point of each element ( for example; straight line and circle arc, etc.) side by side in Data is necessary to be connected each other.
  • In case of Spline curve or ellipse (not R circle arc), IGES is requested.
  • Layer / Line kinds / Line width are not specified. However, for our more understanding of Die-Line, please kindly set up the item such as Layer ・Line kinds ・Line width.
  • Compression of Data is requested as LZH or ZIP.


We propose as it is possible for case of data broken to happen, you must check once before sending data.


If you have any unclear items, please do not hesitate to contact us any time.

Nagoya Hagata Inc.
Tel: 0586 61 7722