Introduction of New Product DIE CUT COAT

We introduce our new product DIE CUT COAT.

Product Name  :  DIE CUT COAT   ( Product catalog shown in below )

This is a two-component, envirnment friendly fluorine compound and exellent for good performance with detachment property in long-term cutting.

We get high evaluation concerned with cutting of electric insulating parts in touch panel fields.

Our goods are coated by DIE CUT COAT, but If detachment effect is becoming weak with cutting, please get it and apply for the improvement on the cutter. 

Kindly thank you for your contacting us for more details.

Nagoya Hagata Inc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            e-mail :  Tel 0586 61 7722

刃型コート20120222最終(英語).pdf  (Product catalog of DIE CUT COAT)

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