Introduction of New Product DIE CUT COAT

We introduce our new product DIE CUT COAT.

Product Name  :  DIE CUT COAT   ( Product catalog shown in below )

This is a two-component, envirnment friendly fluorine compound and exellent for good performance with detachment property in long-term cutting.

We get high evaluation concerned with cutting of electric insulating parts in touch panel fields.

Our goods are coated by DIE CUT COAT, but If detachment effect is becoming weak with cutting, please get it and apply for the improvement on the cutter. 

Kindly thank you for your contacting us for more details.

Nagoya Hagata Inc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            e-mail :  Tel 0586 61 7722

刃型コート20120222最終(英語).pdf  (Product catalog of DIE CUT COAT)

Please click the above blue part for more details.

Opening of Website in English & Chinese Version

We open our Website in English & Chinese version to provide many useful services to foreign customers.

Each language version can be changed at right upper part on the top page.

We're looking forward to receiving inquiries from overseas customers.

Technology exhibition for high function film "Film Tech Japan" held during 13 to 15 April was finally closed.

In spite of one month having passed since Higashi Japan's huge earthquake happened, the exhibition was in mush prosperous due to so many visitors' coming. Also, sufferers from Tohoku district given big damage participated in there.  We're a good incentive that they're interested in our products and technology.We will decide for making efforts of further technical development after this.

We appreciate with sincerity your visit in the event once a again.




It's informed that we changed our judgment association for ISO 9001 Certification to ISA(International System Association Co., LTD) this time and got the certification.

We'll manage to keep on higher quality goods more than now even though change of the new association.

We express our sympathy for sufferers damaged by North East Japan Earthquake. At the same time, we'll try to support them as far as we can. Also, we usually operate due to no damage.

As we'll respond requirements and even urgent requests from customers in the stricken area, please contact us any time without hesitation as follows.

Nagoya Hagata Incorporated
Postcode 494-0008
12 Minami Oohori, Higashi Itsushiro, Ichinomiya, Aichi, Japan
Tel  : 0568 61 7722  Fax  : 0568 61 7772

We wish sufferers' safety and earlier reconstruction in the stricken area.

Our Website Renewed

We renewed our website this time.

You can see our strongly, highly cutting technology and outline of various equipment with high function in our new factory moved in the site.

There're various serves with easy explanation in the page of "Support for Customers"Also, in the page of "Information", lots of information being provided more than now, please make a use of them after this.

This time, we exhibit at the 2nd technical exhibition for high function film "Film Tech Japan".
You'll have a good chance to see various cutting dies and technology developed by our sides.
We appreciate you would visit at our booth at then.

The 2nd Technical Exhibition for High Function Film "Film Tech Japan"

Term 13(Wed) 〜15(Fri) April 2011
Place    Tokyo Big Site 3/4
Held Date   :   13 (Wed) 〜 15 (Fri) April, 2011
Held Place  :   Tokyo Big Site (International Exhibition)  Entrance and exit on the 2nd hole Zone processing technology
Booth No   :   15-38

Official Website for Film Tech

1.Extreme precision die for touch panel ... Realization of cutting process with smooth
and no joint mark
2.Die for extreme half-cut ... Half-cut for thin film thickness 20〜30μ
3.Die for multi-layer film related ... Realization of process reduction of one process
with automotive from two process even though large-sized film

Person in charge  :
Yoshiaki Matsunaga (Nagoya Hagata Inc.)
Tel  0568 61 7722

This time, we change new address for our head office and factory in order to improve further operation efficiency, quality and precision of our products.

We're happy to be able to keep a good relation ship on business with you as well as until now although we move to new office and factory.


Address of head office and factory
Postcode  :  494-0008
12 Minami Oohori, Higashi Itsushiro, Ichinomiya, Aichi, Japan
Tel  :  0568 61 7722    Fax  :  0568 61 7772
* Guide map is shown in our home page "Company Profile"

We're authorized as "An Aichi Brand Company"

Nagoya Hagata Inc. is chosen as "An Aichi Brand Company".

The brand is authorized for a manufacturing company which proceeds innovation on business process, performs original strong points, considers surrounding environment and forms value for customers based on excellent concept and leadership by top management.

We're in honor that we get the authorization like this in Japan's representative manufacturing companies concentrated in Aichi prefecture.

We'll make efforts to proceed technical development and provide related services not to be shamed the brand name.


"Aichi Brand" is introduced in Website.

This time, Idera, Production Engineering Manager, was commended as A man of service in R&D at the 30th anniversary of (Juridical Foundation) Nagoya Industry Technology Promotion Association. We're in great honor of receiving the glorious prize and will try to keep on making efforts to study further high-tech after this.


The 30th anniversary of Nagoya Industry Technology Promotion Association Commendation of persons of service in R&D
Date  :  22 Oct. 2009
Place  :  Westin Nagoya Castle
Sponsor   :    (Juridical Foundation) Nagoya Industry Technology Promotion Association
Prize-Receiving Item  :  Tools development in production for precision dies
Prize Winner   : Tsutomu Idera (Production Engineering Manager) of Nagoya Hagata Inc.


Academic background of Tsutomu Idera
Graduation year  : 1987
School  :  Fukuoka Prefectural Yame Industrial High School
Subject  :  Industrial Chemistry