Nagoya Hagata Inc. is a 30 worker-scaled company which challenges to cutting of 1/100 mm (10μm) in various optical and multi-layer films for IT industries and also manufacture cutting dies for automotive interior parts. We aim at an organization which we can quickly respond to change of global time and human formation.

We make efforts in daily operation as a slogan "All of us aim at our happiness based on a unique company with up-date advanced technology". We acquired certificate ISO 9001 in Nov. 2007. We were authorized as An Aichi Brand Company in Feb 2010. From now, we will go ahead to live through hard times as a technical group which we keep on developing new technology for future.


Office / Factory

Office / Factory

Company Name Nagoya Hagata Incorporated
Address 12 Minami Oohori, Higashi Itsushiro, Ichinomiya, Aichi
zipcode 494-0008
Tel : 0586 61 7722 Fax : 0568 61 7772
Foundation 1 July 1992
Representatives Managing Director Yoshiaki Matsunaga
Capital 10,000,000 Yen
Bank Oogaki Kyoritsu Bank Bisai Branch
Hyakugo Bank Nishiharu Branch
Ichii Truth Bank Head Quarter
Business Items Manufacturing and sales of dies
  • Punching dies for optical films such as Liquid Crystal / Plasma TV / Organic EL / Solar Battery
  • Precise cutting dies with Thompson type for IT related
  • Cutting dies for half-cut
  • Cutting dies for automotive interior parts
  • Material for cutting dies, tap and so on
Sales 400,000,000 Yen / year
Number of workers 30 persons

(on March, 2011)

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  1. Originality & Improvement
  2. Sincerity
  3. Trust


  1. We realize a unique company in cutting die fields by collaboration of originality & improve- ment, advanced technology and professional skill, and all of us become happy.
  2. We make efforts for global service to our customers by education for our staffs and self-training.
  3. We get customers' trust by product guarantee with accuracy and delivery observance.


  1. We strengthen sales increase of cutting technology of optical film for IT industries applied high precision technology
  2. We realize proposal business style which meet customers' request.
  3. We proceed Human Technology.


July 1992 Operation at 52 Aza Shinmeishita, Asano, Ichinomiya, Aichi
Oct 1992 Registration for corporation
July 1997 Foundation of new office at 2-14-6 Takagi, Ichinomiya and removal
Manufacture start of precision dies for IT
Dec 2002 Manufacture start of carving block
July 2003 Display at Tokyo Big Site ( First *FPD Exhibition in cutting industries)
*FPD : Flat Panel Display
Oct 2004 Expansion of current factory
Apl 2005 Display at Tokyo Big Site (2nd FPD Exhibition in cutting industries)
Jun 2006 Project start for acquirement of certificate for ISO9001: 2000
Nov 2007 Acquirement of certificate for ISO9001: 2000
Apr 2008 Display at The 18 Fine Tech Japan (Exhibition of R&D and production technology for Flat Panel Display )
May 2009 Renewal for ISO9001: 2008
Nov 2009 Commendation by Nagoya City Association in Industrial Technology
Feb 2010 Authorization as An Aichi Brand Company
Sep 2010 New office foundation at 12 Minamioohori, Higashiitsushiro, Ichinomiya and removal

Access Map

Access Map

How to get at our office by car

Get off at Ichinomiya-nishi IC on Tokai-Hokuriku Expwy → Turn left at Menjo on Owari-Chuo Road → Go straight along the road (about 2Km) → Turn left at yellow Chinese restaurant "Tempuku" → Go straight for 150m to Seven-Eleven at Higashi Itsushiro crossing → Turn right at first T-junction → Go straight (200m) and you'll find it in your right side.

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1st Discussion Room

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